Positive and side effects of Dianabol

Positive effects of Dianabol

Positive effects of Dianabol

Danabol has a strong anabolic effect and a weak androgenic effect (which complements the deficiency of male sex hormones). The drug accelerates anabolic reactions, which increase muscle mass, strength, bone strength. In general, the stability of the body increases and the accumulation of fat decreases.

The active ingredient is methandienone. Promotes the retention of nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, sodium and other elements in the body. Once in the body, the active ingredient is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream and binds to globulin. The transformation processes are completed in the liver. Waste that the body does not need is excreted by the kidneys.

The effect of the drug is felt up to sixteen hours. The active ingredient methandienone is not detected in the blood five days after the administration of danabol. All instructions must be followed while taking danabol, otherwise the risk of side effects is very high.

How does Dianabol affect the body?

The tool is popular with bodybuilders and athletes due to its advantages:

  • Rapid increase in muscle mass when combined with anabolic steroids with other steroids. Due to the androgenic and anabolic effect, the athlete will gain 10-15 kg of muscle.
  • Protein synthesis is stimulated because methane acts on globulin, which binds sex hormones to various cell receptors.
  • The appetite will increase, so the fibers will grow rapidly and the desired muscle relief will be formed.
  • The power will increase. Taking steroids for 1.5 months will increase your core exercise working weight by 50 or 90%.
  • Glycogen quickly recovers after an intense workout.
  • Blood cortisol levels will decrease. The anticatabolic effects will save myofiber from destruction under stress.
  • The protein breakdown process will stop.
  • Bones become stronger and joint pain disappears when fluid is retained in the joints. Phosphorus, nitrogen, sulfur, sodium remain in the body, calcium is deposited in the bones.
  • Athletic performance will improve.
  • The athlete’s self-esteem will increase and his mood will improve due to the increase in dopamine levels.
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Dianabol side effects

Dianabol side effects

If you use too much of this steroid, you will get unwanted side effects.

Enlarged glandular fatty tissue in the breast (gynaecomastia). The manifestations of these side effects indicate that anabolic drugs are converted into estrogen. Nolvadex, Clomid should be used to prevent this effect.

Hepatotoxicity is related to the methyl group in the α-17 position, which prevents the destruction of the drug in the liver. To avoid this effect, hepatoprotective agents are used after the use of PKT steroids. The best way to relieve liver disease is to use a combination of methane tablets with an injectable steroid, such as nandrolone.

Water retention will occur in the form of enlarged muscles. When the steroid is finished, the liquid comes out and the weight loses. This reflection phenomenon is reduced by anti-estrogens, a competent therapy after the course.

The masculinization of women will be expressed. This anabolic steroid is not suitable for women. They will show the secondary sexual characteristics of men:

  • Body hair will grow.
  • The fat fiber layer will shrink.
  • Muscle tissue will grow.
  • Horrible voice.

If you use steroids, your clitoris will enlarge, the mammary gland will shrink, the menstrual cycle will be disturbed, the calcium in the blood will increase, and other endocrine disorders will occur.

Other side effects include:

  • Hypertension. It will be eliminated by antiandrogens and antihypertensives.
  • Increased libido during the course, decreased libido after the course.
  • Acne.
  • Hair loss.
  • Myocardial hypertrophy.
  • Testicular atrophy.
  • Swelling.
  • Dyspepsia.
  • Impaired liver function.
  • Atherosclerosis.
  • Bone pain.
  • Tendency to bleed.
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Overdose of Dianabol

Overdose of Dianabol

The average dose of Danabol is usually between ten and fifty milligrams per day. Deviation from the larger side can increase side effects. Therefore, the best strategy to increase the effect of Danabol is to add another drug, such as testosterone enanthate or other esters.

Overdose of Danabol can lead to the following effects:

  • Excess fluid retention due to “rising” above the estradiol limits. However, these effects are not difficult to compensate for with aromatase inhibitors such as anastosol or exemestane.
  • High blood pressure. It is also caused by an abnormal amount of fluid in the body. Therefore, the elimination strategy is the same for the potential use of beta-blockers in the absence of evidence of effects of aromatase inhibitors.
  • The appearance of acne is caused by high levels of androgens in the body and therefore by an increased activity of the sebaceous glands. This effect is reduced both by adjusting the diet, and by using special solutions that degrease the skin. In special cases, it may be necessary to use specialized medications.
  • Gynecomastia. A common case among those who ignore the estradiol monitoring during the course. You will be fully protected from this by aromatase inhibitors. The most important thing to remember is that they are completely useless with Trenbolone or Nandrolone because the mechanism of their formation is completely different.
  • Hair loss and prostatic hypertrophy. This effect on Danabol’s price is rare because its androgenic activity is not strong enough. However, there are always exceptions, so in any case you should have finasteride, which is the predominant over-conversion of testosterone to dehydrotestosterone. The most important thing to remember is that this drug can significantly reduce the effectiveness of the course.
  • Testicular atrophy. This is quite rare with Danabol due to its generally accepted short duration. This usually occurs against the background of long esters of testosterone, nandrolone and trenbolone. The best prevention of this phenomenon is the introduction of chorionic gonadotropin.
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Contraindications of Dianabol

Steroids are prohibited:

  • Cardiac ischemia.
  • Prostate Oncology.
  • Breast oncology in women with high blood calcium levels.
  • Atherosclerosis, other vascular pathologies.
  • Pathology of the kidneys and liver.
  • Acute and chronic prostatitis.
  • Individual intolerance of tool components.
  • Up to 21 years.