Dianabol PCT after course

Why needed PCT after Dianabol

Why needed PCT after Dianabol

Post cycle therapy helps the body recover from toxic steroids and normalizes natural testosterone production. The earlier your body starts producing a good amount of testosterone, the more likely it is to maintain results.

The return process is inevitable and will more or less depend on you and your actions after the course, in other words, you have to complete the PCT. A properly performed PCT will reduce lag and help maintain most of the muscle mass gained during the cycle.

However, if you get it wrong or worse, do nothing, you will lose all or most of what you have won. PCT should always be done, both mild and weak.

Some online sources suggest that if the steroid cycle is “prime” or the course does not exceed 6 weeks and the drug was not “serious”, PCT is not needed.

This is a very dangerous delusion that can have the following harmful consequences:

  • Development of gynecomastia during the course,
  • Prolonged recovery of endogenous (own) hormone production and loss of total acquired muscle mass
  • A change in the hormone balance towards estrogen and a consequent increase in fat after a cycle.
  • Decreased libido (erection problems) after a class

You can only start treatment after a cycle when the effects of the steroid on your body cease! The steroid generally ceases to function completely in the body after three half-lives of the active ingredient.

The duration of action of oral steroids does not exceed 48 hours. This means you should start PCT two days after taking the last pill after taking an oral steroid.

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PCT after Dianabol solo

PCT after Dianabol solo

After completing the course of anabolics, after 2-3 days – therapy after the course. Tamoxifen is used at 10-20 mg per day or Clomid at 25-50 mg per day for 3-4 weeks. The dose should be slightly reduced in the last week and then stopped altogether.

These therapies include testosterone boosters, zinc, omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids. Before starting the desired course of taking a vitamin complex and taking it throughout the course and PCT.

As already mentioned, this anabolic steroid is a drug that requires the use of additional medications during treatment. This should be done to maintain the achieved result and to normalize the natural production of testosterone.

It is very important to use it in preparation for a course like Proviron. Thus, you can significantly reduce the negative effects of dianabol on the body, that is, you can avoid the effects of flavors and reduce the amount of estrogen hormones.

Along with Proviron, Clenbuterol must also be used for PCT within 2-3 weeks after the end of a main meal. Clenbuterol helps eliminate excess fluids from the body, shed excess fat and prevent catabolism. This drug also helps to maintain the muscle mass gained during the course, giving it the necessary relief and a clear shape.

Another drug we recommend taking after a Dianabol cycle alone is Clomid. It is Clomid that helps athletes restore natural testosterone production, thereby improving the reproductive and hormonal system, which often suffers from the use of strong steroids.

The correct dosage of oral Dianabol, a balanced diet and regular physical activity are key rules for achieving positive steroid use.

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Recommendations for PCT after Dianabol

Recommendations for PCT after Dianabol

Workout after PCT

After the AS course, the training process should be modified along with the use of anti-estrogens. In this case, the operating load should be reduced by 50%. This mode takes a month of training. Then gradually increase the exercise load and gradually increase to the maximum.

The processes of anabolism and catabolism in the body in the normal state are balanced. When you take AS, your anabolism (protein synthesis) is many times higher than your catabolic rate.

When you reverse SA, your anabolic processes are significantly slowed down at low testosterone levels, and protein synthesis under these conditions is not enough to form new microfibrils. Old microfibrils destroy lysosomes during the natural aging process. This process is the main reason for the so-called post-course cancellation. So, as we can judge from above, the increase in cortisol levels after a class is by no means a major factor in muscle loss.

There is an opinion that the training should be completely stopped in the first weeks after the course.

This is fundamentally wrong. Muscle growth is nothing more than the body’s reaction to an increased load. Large muscles use energy for the body, and if no load is needed, the body will destroy these muscles because they are not needed. Therefore, if you don’t train at all, you will get a much higher performance.

In light of the above, you should cut your training time in half. If you train for 1-2 hours, your training time should be reduced to a maximum of 30 minutes!

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Exercises should include core exercises, and your working weights should be as close as possible to the exercise weights you worked on in class, minus 10-20%.


If we consumed more and more than 3 grams of protein during the course, the protein intake should be reduced to 1.5-2 grams after the course. Carbohydrates are consumed up to 3 grams per kg.

It is recommended not to eat carbohydrates in the afternoon. Meals should be frequent every 2-2.5 hours.

The highly recommended PCT supplement consists of BCAA amino acids before and after a workout. Creatine and vitamins

Even with PCT, getting enough sleep is very important. If you have trouble sleeping, buy melatonin, take it as directed and your sleep will improve.